Who are the money men?

We are two guys from the U.K. who quit their stressful, unfulfilling IT jobs aged 30 with a combined savings of £250,000 to seek a better way to make a living. We want to share our secrets with you so you too can become financially free.

We show you how to make money online and discuss the best ways to earn money and become financially independent. We've tried almost every trick in the book including matched betting, investing, artificial intelligence and building businesses online.

Tell me more...

So we've both worked in IT jobs for over ten years and became increasingly frustrated by the daily grind so we started saving up.... we each managed to amass a small fortune by using a few life hacks. Being frugal, earning side incomes and taking advantage of offers and deals e.g ratesetter and topcashback, cashback credit cards etc.

By investing these small savings the benefits compound to become meaningful. The goal is to have these side incomes and investments earn enough to produce a passive income that means you may never have to work again. This is called financial independence and means you really can "retire" by 30.

But I like my job...

Even if you don't plan to retire early or quit your day job it makes sense to have enough money to pay the bills for at least 6 months as you never know what is round the corner. By having even a small safety net you no longer have to live payslip to payslip and can start building a small nest egg, or at least reduce your debt. Imagine how much easier you could sleep at night knowing you have no debts and can get by no matter what life throws at you.

So where do I get started?

A good place to start is by working out your monthly outgoings and adding up your debts or savings (yes car finance is a debt!). From there you can see how much per month you would need to earn to cover your outgoings or how much debts or savings you have. We will be building some tools to help with tracking this so stay tuned.

Once you've started tracking your finances you should prioritise becoming debt free (excluding the mortgage) and saving a rainy day fund if you don't have one. We will be featuring some very easy ways to make hundreds or even thousands of pounds to help you with this goal.